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Thank you all for participation if 24th General Meeting of the EGF!

Congress info

The 24th General Meeting of the EGF will be held at Lublin, about 170 km SE of Warsaw. Lublin lying on the border of the EU and the Eastern Europe. The City also boasts the biggest academic centre in Eastern Poland. Cultural life in Lublin thrives thanks to its theatres, galleries, students clubs and cafes, concerts and festivals. It became the spur behind competing for the title of European Capital of Culture of 2016.

Permanent grasslands in Poland cover 3.18 million hectares, representing about 10% of Polish territory and about 20% of arable land (including meadows, 77%, and pastures, 23%). The largest meadow and pasture areas are located in north-eastern Poland. Towards the end of the twentieth century, a downward trend in meadow area was observed as a result of the declining numbers of cattle. Since 2004, the numbers of cattle have been growing successively, as has the area of utilised meadows whose sward is used for grazing or preserved as hay and silage.

Beside their economic significance, the environmental role of grasslands is appreciated, including their role in the preservation of living natural resources and protection of biodiversity. The possibility of using biomass produced in grasslands to generate energy is also recognised.